Old Dictionaries Define The MOORS Race! Add Video

Once again we shatter misconceptions and beliefs with unadulterated truth and fact. We look at a number of old books and dictionaries randomly and as you can clearly see, the terms Moors, Blackamoors and Negro are used synonymously and interchangeably. ALL references to the term "Moors" have always described and been in reference to BLACK people and this was so even before the term begin being applied uniquely to the Black Muslims who invaded and ruled in Europe alongside Arab brethren who were not negroid in appearance. The term Moor eventually became a term used to describe the Muslims but was also used to describe ALL black men regardless of their religious persuasion.This is why one of the most notable "Moors" is St Maurice who was not a Muslim at all but rather was a Christian. The figure known as "Black Pete" or "Zwartze Piete" was also referred to as a Moor although this figure was not a Muslim. There is absolutely NO precedent for this utterly preposterous and inane idea that the Moors were white people. As the video shows if you search the term "MOOR" the term "NEGRO" shows up as a synonym but NEVER the term "Caucasian", "white man" or anything remotely close to that. Also, searching the term "negro" brings up the term "MOOR". In fact, there is a very common proverb that was well known in Europe and it is about trying to "make a blackmoor white". On this video you'll also see that the following terms were often used interchangeably and the dictionary results from old dictionaries prove that conclusively. MOOR BLACKAMOOR NEGRO BLACK MAN There is however NO reference anywhere that in ANY way suggests that the term Moor was a reference either to "white people" or even to "Arabs" or "Muslims" or anything else other than BLACK men. Period. The reason that pre 19th century dictionaries are best for accuracy (and the older the better) is because their clearly has been a Eurocentric move afoot to white-wash the BLACK Moorish history along with the BLACK Egyptian history and any and all historical truths about advanced black civilizations. I would challenge any and all detractors to try to find even one old reference to the term MOORS that suggests that this term EVER applied to non-black people. Even later as the word evolved their came into popular usage such terms as "tawney Moors" and eventually "white Moors" to depict the whites who had converted to the Islamic faith and joined them. Clearly this was only because they were already known as MOORS due to their "BLACK SKIN" as some old dictionaries and historical documents clearly point out

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